In Brief

We are on ground in 151 villages in and around two major Eco - Systems. Tropical Hill Ecosystem of Shimilipal Biosphere Reserve & Eusterine / Coastal Ecosystem of Bay of Bengal in Balasore District of Orissa in India.

Our Motto

Let Us Live & Act Together
The Structure and Organogram
PRAVA is a democratic body of 44 members from different walks of life. It forms the General Body and seven members out of it are elected at an interval of every two years to the Executive Council. The President and the Secretary are elected members of the EC. President is the institutional head of the Organisation and all institutional activities go by his name. Secretary is the Executive head of the Organisation who implements the day to day activities of the organisation in accordance with the organisation plans and objectives. The E.C. gives necessary aid and advice to the Secretary to run the organisation. The Secretary and the EC are however responsible to the GB for all acts of omission and commission.


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