In Brief

We are on ground in 151 villages in and around two major Eco - Systems. Tropical Hill Ecosystem of Shimilipal Biosphere Reserve & Eusterine / Coastal Ecosystem of Bay of Bengal in Balasore District of Orissa in India.

Our Motto

Let Us Live & Act Together
PRAVA - A Development Support Organisation, with the people since 1991.
Our Logo
The logo depicts a Horseshoe Crab in black & white shade and a Sal Tree regenerating from it’s root stock, both representing two sensitive Eco-System of Bay of Bengal and Tropical Hill Ecosystem of Shimilipal Biosphere Reserve.

Horsheshoe Crab Carcinoscorpius rotundicaud) known as the living fossil is a unique species that predates humans in origin and has survived genetically unchanged over thousands of years of ravages of Evolution. Interestingly enough, this species is found mainly in Balasore coast that is considered as their Home. To humans, they are important because their blood cells can be extracted and crushed to provide a Lysate - a chemical, uniquely sensitive to bacterial toxins that can be used to check microbial contamination. Unfortunately the habitat of this species i.e. the mangrove forests are disappearing.

(Shorea robusta) is the dominating species of our operational area i.e. Shimilipal Biosphere Reserve and an indicator species of a rich Hill Ecosystem harboring ‘Dry-deciduous’ to ‘Semi evergreen’ vegetation and wide range of flora & fauna.

As such both the Ecosystems are very important for human survival and varied ecological services. But unfortunately they are under prolonged biotic pressure and had reached a status of Threatened / Endangered.

PRAVA came in to action in 1989 to Conserve, Restore and Manage these Ecosystems for Sustainable Ecological and Economic Development with active participation of native People.



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