In Brief

We are on ground in 151 villages in and around two major Eco - Systems. Tropical Hill Ecosystem of Shimilipal Biosphere Reserve & Eusterine / Coastal Ecosystem of Bay of Bengal in Balasore District of Orissa in India.

Our Motto

Let Us Live & Act Together
Current Projects
CHIN Project: Balasore

Project Goal: Communities have access to quality public health services through a process of community mobilization through effective use of participatory communication techniques under the National Rural Health Mission of the Government of India.


1. Development of a Participatory Communication Strategy to advocate for health entitlements of Rural Communities.
2. To enhance the capacity of the service providers, civil socitiy organizations, media and PRI on communicating and advocating for NRHM commitments.
3. To promote community awareness on NRHM entitlements.
4. Forums / roundtables among various stakeholders formed to promote exchange of experiences, innovations, learning and challenges.
5. Key process and learning documented and disseminated.

Location: Nilgiri Block, Balasore


Project Goal: Capacity Building of ASHA in enhancing her effectiveness.

Objectives:To equip ASHA with necessary knowledge and skills to perform her role & responsibilities effectively.

Location: Khaira, Oupada & Nilgiri Block, Balasore

Regular Activities:

1. Strengthening SHGs and Cooperative.
2. Strengthening FGs and Maintenance of Hardwares.
3. Pro-people Policy Advocacy.
4. Information dissemination / sharing.



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