In Brief

We are on ground in 151 villages in and around two major Eco - Systems. Tropical Hill Ecosystem of Shimilipal Biosphere Reserve & Eusterine / Coastal Ecosystem of Bay of Bengal in Balasore District of Orissa in India.

Our Motto

Let Us Live & Act Together
Short history of the organisation
It was an effort long ago in the year 1989 with a purpose to keep friends united and convert their leisure time into creative social development work.Looking around it was felt that there was a need for an assistance or professional guidance to scattered unsystematic initiatives / approach in development sector.

Founder members being engaged in different enterprises of their own, having expertise in different sectors thought of Volunteering for the gap and like minded professionals joined their hand for the cause which still continues.

PRAVA was incorporated in the year 1991 and extended professional assistance on issues related to NATURAL RESOURCES

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: Judicious and Optimal Utilization of available Natural Resources is the Key to Sustainable Development.

Mission: Facilitating site-specific adoption of Sustainable Natural Resource Management practices and methods for Ecological & Economic Development.


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